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CDAnet News

March 15, 2018
Express Scripts to Administer Johnson Inc. Benefits

Effective March 18, 2018, Express Scripts Canada will begin to administer Johnson Inc dental benefits.

  • All electronics claims should continue to be submitted to carrier ID. 627265. 
  • Patients will continue to present Johnson Insurance group cards.
  • Claims submitted to Johnson Inc. will be included on the Express Scripts bi-monthly remittance statement and schedule.
  • Continue to use existing username and password information to access your online statement at escstatement.ca. 
  • Claim history and reversals (prior to March 18, 2018) should be sent directly to Johnson Inc. at pharmacy@johnson.ca.      

For more information on these details, access their notification.

September 13, 2017
RBC Insurance Address Information to send a Claim Form

Please note, when you send your claim form to RBC Insurance via Canada Post, please use the following address:

RBC Insurance Company
Attention: Dental Department
PO Box 1614
Windsor, Ontario N9A 0B9

June 29, 2017
Change to the dentist payment process Industrial Alliance Financial Group

Transactions relating to assigned benefit payments to dentists sent to iA Financial Group will be paid by instream DIRECT PAY, a national provider specializing in secure online services for the dental community and insurers. This new process will be effective on June 30, 2017. There is no change to the electronic claims or dentist assignment processes. Download the PDF file for more information.

October 12, 2016
Royal Bank of Canada Insurance (RBCI) introduces their own dental carrier ID

Effective October 25, 2016, your patients covered under a RBC Insurance dental plan will require you to submit all electronic dental claims to RBC Insurance. Download the PDF file for more information.

September 29, 2016
TELUS Health Network and Alberta Blue Cross - Telephone Modem Support will be discontinued effective September 30, 2017

Effective September 30, 2017 the TELUS Health Network and Alberta Blue Cross will discontinue accepting claims by modem. See the TELUS Health Network and Alberta Blue Cross announcement for more information. Click here for questions you may be asking.

August 16, 2016
Sun Life Financial Payment frequency will change to twice per month in September 2016

Effective in September 2016 Sun Life will change payment frequency of cheques to twice per month. This will affect you if are receiving cheque payments from Sun Life for assigned claims. Download the PDF file for more information.

September 29, 2015
Accerta changes network from TELUS Health to instream

Effective October 1st, 2015 Accerta (BIN 311140) will be changing network operators from TELUS Health to instream. Go to http://instreamcanada.com/news for more information.

July 28, 2015
Green Shield Canada provides claim processing services to Wawanesa Life

Effective August 1, 2015, your patients covered under a Wawanesa Life dental plan will require you to submit all electronic dental claims to Green Shield Canada (GSC). Download the PDF file for more information.

July 10, 2015
Dental Assistance for Seniors Program (DASP) - Claims Administration Transition to ADSC

There is an ongoing process to transition the claims administration of DASP to Alberta Dental Service Corporation (ADSC). The transition process commenced on July 1, 2015. Download the PDF file for more information.

June 24, 2015
Medavie Blue Cross RCMP Dental Claims

Effective June 15, 2015, dentists sending dental benefit claims through CDAnet and ITRANS Claims Service will be able to submit RCMP dental claims and receive real-time adjudication results. Download the PDF file for more information.

May 27, 2015
Great-West Life Payment and statement changes

In July, Great-West Life is enhancing the payment process for all dentists by offering weekly direct deposit payments instead of individual cheques per visit. Payments will include an easy-to-read electronic statement offering more details to reconcile payments.

Great-West is working with TELUS Health to make signing up for direct deposit and electronic statements fast, easy and secure. If you do not sign up for direct deposit, you will receive your cheque and statement by mail twice monthly. Go to www.telushealth.com/directdeposit for more information and to sign up.

February 24, 2015
AGA Benefit Solutions Change of address

AGA Benefit Solutions has moved. All correspondence and payments must be sent to this address. Download the PDF file for more information.

February 9, 2015
News about Standard Life

On February 2, 2015, Manulife confirmed its offer to acquire the Canadian operations of Standard Life. Download the PDF file for more information.

January 26, 2015
Equitable Life of Canada Payment and statement changes

In February, Equitable Life will optimize the payment process for all dentists. The new streamlined process will combine reimbursement payments into two payments per month, instead of individual payments per visit. The revised payment reconciliation statement features a by patient breakdown of procedure codes, total amount submitted and total amount paid.

For more information, email group-dental-claims@equitable.ca

January 26, 2015
Claim Errors Regarding NIHB

The claims of some patients who are covered both by a private payer and NIHB have been declined by the private payer on the grounds that NIHB should be the first payer. This is not the case. Claims for these patients should always be submitted to the private payer first and NIHB last.

According to one carrier, the processing error occurred either because the dental office indicated "co-ordination of benefits" on the first claim to the private payer or because the claim was improperly processed by the carrier. Should your office run into this issue, the private payer needs to be contacted to correct the error before the secondary claim is sent to NIHB.