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May 16, 2018

CDA began issuing CDA Digital IDs to dentists in November 2015.  They were issued with a 3-year expiration period and some will need to be renewed in 2018. The CDA Digital ID is an essential component of the CDAnet and ITRANS Claim Service, ensuring that dentist and patient claim information is transmitted securely.

Renewing a CDA Digital ID

CDA will send dentists an email renewal notice approximately 30 days in advance of your expiry date. The renewal notice will provide you with information on how to login to your account on the CDA Practice Support Services (PSS) website to renew a CDA Digital ID.

Dentists have an option in PSS to authorize the practice owner or give office staff access to complete the renewal of a CDA Digital ID on their behalf.  To make this change, dentists need to login to the PSS website, select the office number, go to ‘CDA Digital ID’, select “Office owners and admins can download”. The office staff must have “ADMIN” access to complete this process.   

If you are asked to renew a CDA Digital ID referenced in a renewal notice, it might be possible that it is no longer in use. For instance, a CDA Digital ID may have been installed on a computer that is no longer being used to send e-claims at your practice or your practice management software may have been reloaded with new CDA Digital IDs. 

To view the CDA Digital IDs and related expiry dates currently installed on your Windows computers, go to: Control panel> Internet options> Content> Certificates> Public. Your CDA Digital ID details will be displayed here.

Be sure to check each computer at your office that is used to send e-claims.

NOTE: If the CDA Digital IDs on your computers does not have the same expiry date as the notice, no action is required.

If you require assistance with any steps in this renewal process, please contact the CDA Help Desk at 1-866-788-1212 or email: