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Your membership with the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) offers a number of exclusive benefits to your practice: a secure and efficient way to send e-claims, access to exclusive insurance and investment solutions, and frequent news and updates through our magazine, journal, newsletter and online community. Join the CDA community, the national voice for dentistry. CDA’s members are Corporate Member Provincial Dental Associations and Quebec-based dentists are CDA Affiliate Members.

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Practice Support Services

CDAnet and CDA ITRANS 2.0 Claims Service: a secure and efficient way to send e-claims to claims processors on behalf of your patients. It’s convenient, secure and saves time!

  • Cuts the wait time for patients to receive reimbursements from weeks to days.
  • Know the exact patient portion to collect at the appointments (after accepting assignment of benefits).
  • Electronically receive information about a patient’s eligibility for coverage, required pre-determinations, claim errors, and more.

Learn more about CDAnet and CDA ITRANS 2.0.

CDA Secure Send: An easy and secure electronic messaging service that allows dentists to send patient information (such as X-rays) to any email address.

  • Ensures privacy obligations for electronic transmission of patient information.
  • CDA Secure Send mobile app - use Secure Send from your IOS or Android device.

Watch this video to learn more about CDA Secure Send and how to sign up.

Get expert technical support: Available to members on weekdays, from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST. All Help Desk Agents are security-cleared. Call toll-free: 1-866-788-1212.

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Advocacy: Political influence that protects, promotes and advances the dental profession

CDA has the political knowledge and influence to advocate for the profession, to improve access to dental care, and to address the growing challenges of staffing in the dental office. Our primary tools are government relations, media relations, and public education.

Some recent examples of how CDA helps to advance the dental profession include:

  • Focusing on ensuring the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) is well executed by the Federal Government, filling critical gaps in oral health care for eligible populations;
  • Working with the Government of Canada to track long-term trends in the oral health of Canadians and advocating for more funding for oral health research;
  • Strengthening the National Long-term Care Standards by recommending incorporating a daily preventative care plan and ensuring that appropriate infrastructure, training, and tools are in place;
  • Using our national voice strategically to raise issues and concerns facing dentistry.
  • Directly engaging with a range of federal government departments to ensure Indigenous oral health is not left behind, and that the government enact the recommendations shared by CDA at the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs in 2022.

Learn more about CDA’s advocacy activities.

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CDA Essentials: published on a bi-monthly basis, CDA’s magazine provides dialogue between the national association and the dental community, and is dedicated to keeping dentists informed about news, issues, and clinically relevant information. It’s available in English and French, in print and online.

Journal of the Canadian Dental Association (JCDA.ca): Canada’s only peer-reviewed dental journal, JCDA.ca, is an open access publication that publishes original research articles indexed in Medline, Journal Citation Reports and Science Citation Index.

CDA Oasis: A podcast and video-interview platform where you can stay up to date about clinical matters, issues, and technology impacting the dental profession.

CDA Newsletter: A weekly digital newsletter that features items from all of CDA’s communications vehicles/publications, including videos and web posts, journal and magazine articles, and updates from our website and social media channels in one convenient location.

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Community and Connectedness

CDA has the unique privilege and opportunity to bring together subject matter experts to discuss clinical and practice issues facing the profession. Through many committees, working groups and partnership with international bodies, CDA:

  • Collects, analyzes and communicates information to help dentists make informed decisions about the delivery of patient care;
  • Strengthens and promotes idea sharing to the benefit of the profession; and
  • Produces Position Statements, which include background information and evidence-based support on a range of issues affecting oral health and dentistry.
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Exclusive access to insurance and investment solutions from our financial services partner, CDSPI.

Created by dentists, CDSPI is a not-for-profit organization that helps you achieve and maintain financial wellbeing with advice, insurance, and investments customized for the needs of today’s dentists.

CDSPI passionately advocates, sources and negotiates best-in-class solutions for dentists, including customized life, disability and office insurance. Other benefits include:

  • A no-cost insurance program for dental students and discounted rates for new dentists;
  • Access to a suite of low-fee, top-tier investment funds and one-on-one, no-cost financial planning services to develop a plan to help you achieve financial success;
  • Private wealth management, banking and accounting services through our network of partners;

Sponsorships and Programs:

  • CDSPI sponsors the free and confidential Members’ Assistance Program (MAP) that provides support and resources for any work, health or life concern, including counseling, advice and referrals;
  • CDSPI supports important initiatives across Canada, including mentorship programs and community access to care;
  • CDSPI has programs in place to gather input from dental professionals to ensure they are always focused on supporting the financial needs of dentists.

For more information, please visit cdspi.com or call 1.800.561.9401.

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Affiliation with prestige CDA programs and resources

  • CDA Seal Program: The CDA Seal Program independently validates specific oral health benefit claims made by manufacturers of oral health products. The CDA Seal and its accompanying statement are found on products that have successfully completed the CDA review process. For Canadian consumers and dentists, the CDA Seal provides reassurance that a specific oral health product can improve an individual’s oral health in the ways claimed by the manufacturer. The CDA Seal celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022. Learn more about the benefits of the CDA Seal in this, the application process, oral health products that have earned the CDA Seal, and more.
  • Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) Program: The Dental Aptitude Test Program is provided by CDA to assist dental schools in selecting first-year students. Dental schools use scores from the DAT in making admissions decisions. Most importantly, it allows CDA to be part of the discussion of the attributes desired of our future colleagues. Learn more about the DAT Program.
  • Host of ISO/TC 106: CDA hosts the international secretariat for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) technical committee for dentistry (ISO/TC 106), which helps ensure that Canadian dental experts have a voice in creating international standards. The scope of ISO/TC 106 is standardization in oral health care including:
    • terms and definitions;
    • performance, safety, and specification requirements of dental products; and
    • clinically relevant laboratory test methods, all of which contribute to improved global health.

Dental Career Options Website: Developed by leaders in Canadian dentistry, dentalcareeroptions.ca helps dental students and early practicing dentists fully understand the career options that are available to them throughout their professional lives. Learn more about the five most common dental practice options available.

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How to Join and Access CDA Membership Benefits

Dentists in Quebec can access CDA membership benefits by joining CDA directly as an Affiliate Member. Click the Join or Renew button below.