CDA Secure Send is an easy, simple-to-use system that allows dentists to exchange patient documents in a secure fashion.

Send Information in Seconds

CDA Secure Send meets the legal obligation to safeguard the confidentiality of patient data when sending patient information, such as X-rays, electronically. Connected to CDA's directory of dentists, senders can search for dentists by name, specialty or location. It's as simple and as quick as sending an email.

Keep Patient Data Confidential

Unlike email, with CDA Secure Send the confidentiality of patient data is assured.

It's as simple as sending an email. With CDA Secure Send, patient information can be sent to anyone. More often, however, the information will be directed at licensed dentists, specialists, dental staff, labs and patients.

CDA Secure Send Mobile App

The mobile app employs the same reliable and easy-to-use system that the desktop version of CDA Secure Send is known for.

The English version of the app is now available for download. The French version is currently being developed.

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