Since 2004, the CDA ITRANS Claim Service has enabled dental offices to securely send dental claims to insurance companies using the Internet. The service is available to dentists who are members of their provincial dental association, or in Quebec, dentists who are members of CDA. The service includes the following:

  • The necessary software to securely transmit claims to the ITRANS host system, which forwards the claims to the destination claims processors;
  • Switching claims to the phone system if needed (for example Pacific and Manitoba Blue Cross);
  • Expert troubleshooting from the CDA Practice Support Services Help Desk during business hours across Canada for claims-related issues. All the Help Desk Agents are security-cleared (Industry Canada Protected B); and
  • An online portal to sign in to view the status of claims transmitted with ITRANS.

Transitioning the Dental Office to ITRANS

Following are the steps to adopt ITRANS in a dental office.

  1. Work with your software vendor to install the ITRANS software. All the major dental software companies are familiar with ITRANS, however, older versions of their software may need to be updated to use the current, secure technology.

  2. Each dentist in the office must sign into the CDA Practice Support Service website to:

    1. Subscribe to the ITRANS Claim Service.

    2. Download the CDA Digital ID for each dentist in the office.

      Sign into the CDA Practice Support Services website at . If you do not have a username and password, contact the CDA Practice Support Services Help Desk at (866) 788-1212.

Joining an office that uses ITRANS

If you are a dentist joining an office that uses CDAnet and ITRANS, you need to:

  1. Subscribe to CDAnet at the office.

    There are two ways to do this:

    1. Have the office invite you to the office through the CDA Practice Support Services website. To do this, make sure your account is active and you have a username and password and have signed in and validated an email address. Next, have the dental office invite you to the office in the PSS Website. You will receive an email to sign in and accept the invitation. Once you accept the invitation, subscribe to CDAnet at the office.

    2. Complete the CDAnet Subscription Form and fax it as indicated. When you receive confirmation of processing you can continue with step 2.

  2. Subscribe to ITRANS.

    Sign in to the PSS website and under the My Subscriptions tab, subscribe to ITRANS for the dental office.

  3. Download your CDA Digital ID for that office
    The CDA Digital ID is an electronic credential that secures dental claims transmitted on the Internet. To retrieve your CDA Digital ID for the office, sign into the PSS website, click the My CDA Digital ID tab and follow the instructions.