CDAnet is the most efficient, time-saving and cost-saving method of processing claims, with no sign-up fees (for modem transmission) or transaction costs.

Processing the dental claims (CDAnet formatted message) electronically:

  • Allows carriers to process them and reimburse patients for the covered portion of their treatment more quickly.
  • Eliminates delays caused by late or lost mail.
  • Reduces the time it takes for patients to be reimbursed for treatment by half.

Carriers can electronically inform dentists that:

  • The patient is eligible for coverage
  • The recommended procedures are covered
  • A pre-determination is required
  • There is an error in the claim
  • The carrier will pay the amount indicated

CDAnet certified office software reduces or eliminates:

  • Paper handling and filing
  • Rejected claims (by instantly checking patient and procedure data)
  • Waiting time for pre-determinations.

Inform your patients that CDAnet is offered in your practice.

  • Patients will appreciate the convenience CDAnet offers
  • Reduce misunderstandings about the processing of dental claims

Inform your patients of your treatment payment options.

Dental Claims and Payment Policy

The following Dental Claims and Payment Policy is offered to dental practices using CDAnet. You are invited to copy or otherwise reproduce this text for use in your practice. You may offer different payment services. We suggest that you revise the text accordingly.

To ensure that your patients read this Dental Claims and Payment Policy, place this message on your front desk or in your reception area. Print and mount it on firm cardboard, or place it in a picture frame.

Dental Claims and Payment Policy

Using CDAnet, this practice is able to transmit your dental claims electronically. CDAnet transmits your dental claim immediately and speeds up the reimbursement process.

Depending on your plan, you may receive your cheque in less than a week. Our staff will be happy to assist you with the necessary forms, should your dental plan not offer electronic processing.

We will make every effort to help you determine the nature of your dental plan coverage prior to the start of treatment. However, in all cases, the patient is fully responsible for the complete cost of treatment on the day of their appointment. We ask that payment be received at the time of treatment by means of a cheque, cash or credit card.

We also recognize that the cost of treatment can be high for some patients who require major treatment. Our staff is happy to set up payment plans for our regular patients who have established a good payment record with our office.

We thank you for your understanding and continued confidence in the care we give our patients.