Need Help?

If you have any CDA username and password related inquiries or require technical support – call the CDA Practice Support Help Desk at 1‑866‑788‑1212

Office staff are crucial in handling the administrative tasks in your office. CDA’s Practice Support Services (PSS) website gives dentists and owners the option of granting staff access to their profile ensuring proper privacy and security protocols are being used. Never share your personal username and password with your team members—all office staff should have their own login credentials.

Dentist owners can choose the level of access they want to assign to team members. The “basic ADMIN” role allows staff to invite a dentist to join the office, download a CDA Digital ID, send CDA Secure Send messages and view the status of dentist subscribed services.

The “advanced ADMIN” role includes all permissions of the “basic ADMIN” along with being able to add other “ADMIN” users, remove user roles and edit office information. You can also assign an associate “associate admin” access granting the same permissions as a “advanced ADMIN”.

Your staff can be added in one simple step. When signed in to the PSS website, click “Invite Office ADMIN” from the selected office and you’re done.