The DAT is administered at Prometric Test Centres. It is important that you watch this video, which outlines what to expect on test day at the Prometric Test Center:

COVID-19 Test Centre Policies

You must comply with all laws, regulations, and government orders and guidelines that are applicable to COVID-19 at the location where you will complete the test, whether these be federal, provincial, municipal or otherwise, and further agree to abide by all testing centre policies and rules the day of the exam. Note that requirements may be different from one test centre to another for public health and other reasons. Be sure that you are familiar with the requirements at the test centre you will be writing at. Prometric’s COVID‑19 Strategies resource gives candidates the most current information on Prometric's operation status and safety measures.

At the Test Centre

You must arrive at your scheduled test centre 30 minutes before your appointment time. This will give you adequate time to complete the necessary sign-in procedures. If you are late, you cannot write the exam.

At the test centre, you must present two pieces of identification that bear your signature. One of these must be government-issued and must include your photo. Only the government-issued identification listed below will be accepted for photo ID:

  • Passport
  • Driver's licence
  • Citizenship card
  • Provincial ID card
  • Certificate of Indian Status

The second piece of ID must bear your signature. Acceptable items in addition to those listed above, include a credit card from a major Canadian bank or a student ID card with your photo and signature.

Both pieces of identification you present must show your legal first name and your legal last name, and the names must match the names you registered with. Both pieces of ID must be valid (not expired). Important: If your chosen ID card has expired, and you have a temporary validation document while you wait for a new ID card to be issued, you must contact CDA ( at least ten business days before your DAT testing appointment. Your temporary ID will not be accepted unless authorized by CDA. Contact CDA for instructions on how to have your temporary ID authorized.

You will NOT be admitted to the test centre if your ID does not meet the above requirements.

Email the DAT office at well before your testing appointment with any questions about the identification requirements.

You will be asked to store all items, including wallets, watches, and cell phones, in a storage locker. Leave all unnecessary items at home or in your car. CDA is not responsible for lost or stolen items. No water or food is permitted in the exam room. You will be asked to leave these in a locker and will not have access to them during the exam.

If you need to access food, water, or medication for a diagnosed medical condition, you must request testing accommodation before you book your testing appointment. See the information on testing accommodation.