DAT Preparation Materials

Purchasing Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) preparation materials is not mandatory, but is highly recommended. Preparation material may be ordered at any point throughout the year. There is no limit to the number of preparation materials you can order.

DAT Preparation Kit*

The DAT Preparation Kit provides applicants with extensive information on the structure, format and content of the various parts of the test.

The DAT Preparation Kit includes:

  • A marker
  • Flexible ruler
  • DAT Preparation Manual
    Contains sample tests with detailed information outlining the types of tests encountered at the examination
  • 6 pieces of carving material
    Similar in texture and size to material provided at the examination
  • Knife handle and blade
    The knife and blade are similar to, but may not be exactly identical to, the knife and blade provided at the examination

During the manual dexterity component of the DAT, students are permitted to use medical examination or surgical gloves if they wish. Students must supply their own gloves. The gloves are not supplied by the DAT Office or the DAT Test Centres.

DAT Preparation Manual (same manual as the one included in the above–mentioned kit)

Contains sample tests with detailed information outlining the types of tests encounter at the examination.

Soap Six-Pack*

The Soap Six-Pack contains 6 pieces of carving material.

Fee information can be found here.

* Because the properties of the carving material can vary from batch to batch and can change as the material ages, CDA cannot guarantee that the material used for the manual dexterity test will have the exact consistency as the carving cylinders provided in the Preparation Kits and the Soap Six-Packs.

Test Preparation Courses

The DAT Program does not endorse any test preparation courses. The DAT Office urges individuals considering participating in a test preparation course to carefully review the current course material and content of the DAT.

Note: There is an administration fee of $10.00 to resend returned DAT preparation materials. This fee will be charged to your credit card. Please ensure that your shipping information is complete.