Please note that accommodation requests and the supporting documentation must be submitted in full each time you register for an exam.

Important: Special accommodations for medical reasons are only available during morning exam sessions. If you are planning to write the DAT with special accommodations for medical reasons, you must select a morning testing session when you register.

Every effort will be made to provide special accommodations, however due to limited capacity, this could be at a different location, site, date or time than you registered for. If there is no availability for the site/date/time that you register for, the DAT Office will attempt to provide you with an alternative site, date and/or time.

Medical Reasons

Accommodation(s) to complete the DAT exam may be authorized for applicants with medically verified disabilities indicating such a need. The completed application for accommodation, including supporting documentation, must be submitted by:

  • September 30 for the November DAT Exam

Note that a medical certificate must accompany the application, describing the nature and extent of the accommodation(s) required, and attesting that the medical condition will not adversely affect the ability of the applicant to learn and practice dentistry competently and safely. CDA reserves the right to seek clarification from the applicant or the medical practitioner regarding the accommodation.

Download Dental Aptitude Test Special Accommodation (medical) Application Form

Religious Reasons

If you are unable to take the DAT on a Saturday for religious reasons, you may request an alternative date as follows:

  1. Register for the DAT
  2. By the deadlines indicated below, send us a request for Sabbath Accommodation by fax (613-523-7736) or email ( and included:
    1. A letter from your religious leader supporting your request
    2. The Payment Reference Number found on the DAT registration confirmation email.
  3. The deadlines for Sabbath Accommodation requests are:
    • September 30 for the November DAT exam

The DAT Office will then attempt to provide you with an alternative date and location.