Latex is a common material found in the manufacturing process of gloves as well as other materials and supplies found in the dental office such as dental dams.

Both patients and dental health care personnel may be allergic to latex.

CDA recommends that:

  1. Dental patients be asked if they have allergies. If they do, they should be asked if they have ever had a reaction to a balloon or rubber gloves as a reaction to these common items may indicate latex allergies.
  2. Non-latex products be used for patients who say they have reacted to rubber or latex products. Special attention should be given to patients at increased risk due to chronic latex exposure, for example, from repeated catheterization in patients living with spina bifida, paraplegia and quadriplegia. Medical non-latex gloves are available; consult product labeling.
  3. Following latex exposure, if a dental worker shows skin problems, the worker should be tested for latex allergy by a medically qualified allergist.

CDA Board of Directors
Approved: February 2005
Revised: July 2012