October 27, 2010 – Ottawa – Kids love Halloween for many reasons including the costumes, hunted houses and scary tales. Yet, none of this compares to the excitement that comes along with gathering a pailful of candy. While kids enjoy sampling everything from lollipops, chocolate bars and candy corn, it is important to keep dental health in mind. Canadian dentists recommend these four simple tips for keeping your child's smile BOO-tiful:

  1. Limit the number of times a day your child eats sugary treats. Make sure your child also snacks on healthy foods like vegetables, cheese, nuts and seeds.

  2. Drink a glass of water after eating a sugary treat. This will help wash away some of the sugars and acids.

  3. Avoid soft, sticky treats that get stuck between teeth.  These stay in your mouth for a longer period of time, increasing the risk of tooth decay.

  4. Always brush and floss before bed. It's a great idea to brush after each meal, but even dentists realize that this is not always possible. Be sure to brush thoroughly before going to bed for a smile that can brighten the day of the most wickedly of witches.

Canadian dentists want your child to enjoy the night of frights without harming their pearly whites. For this reason, we encourage parents to limit the amount of sweets children consume. By reducing the amount of candy your child eats and by teaching your child that moderation is key, you won't have to worry about things like tooth decay and your child will still have a FANG-tastic Halloween.

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Helpful Tips for Healthy Smiles at Halloween


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