OTTAWA, February 17, 2010 — The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) commends all athletes who wear mouthguards to protect their teeth & mouth area. Mouthguards are an effective way to prevent injuries to the lips, tongue, face or jaw. Everyone who takes part in sports that put them at risk of injury to the mouth area is encouraged to wear a mouthguard during their game.

“There is an important message to all the young athletes watching great champions compete at their sport while wearing mouthguards,” said Dr. Don Friedlander, CDA President. “Wearing a mouthguard to protect the mouth is obviously a part of the winners’ game so be sure to wear yours, too, and keep your teeth intact.”

Some sports put you at risk of serious dental and jaw damage that can be both painful and debilitating. Wearing a well fitted mouthguard can help minimize that risk. Talk to your dentist about having a mouthguard properly fitted to your mouth for comfort and protection.

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