CDA Media Statement On Patient Recall

April 20, 2005 — Ottawa — Media reports circulating today may raise questions about the proper time-span between visits to the dentist.

The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) supports a patient-specific recall frequency, which takes into account patients' overall health status, changing oral conditions, smoking habits and many other variables. CDA is concerned that insurers may perceive a lack of scientific evidence supporting six-month recall as an opportunity to reduce coverage.

"Ideally, dentists should be able to set up a custom schedule with each individual patient," said CDA President, Dr. Jack Cottrell. "Someone with serious periodontal problems, or a smoker at higher risk of oral cancer, has different needs than a dedicated flosser in excellent health. We'd like to see a system of coverage with some flex in it — one that could adapt according to need."

Canadians now enjoy excellent oral health — a testament to the success of current approaches to prevention.

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