CDA President Appears on CBC's The National

September 13, 2004 - Ottawa — CDA president Dr. Alfred Dean was recently interviewed by CBC about the impact of student debt load on university graduates and the need to increase university funding to combat high tuition fees.

In a segment that aired September 2, 2004 on The National and Canada Now programs, Dr. Dean stated that as a small town dentist looking to retire soon, he is having a difficult time finding young dentists interested in taking over his practice.

Dr. Dean explained that university under-funding has contributed to higher tuition fees, making it more and more difficult for students to graduate from university without incurring heavy debt loads.

As a result, graduates entering professions such as dentistry, medicine or law are not attracted to building a practice in a smaller community. Instead, they are locating to urban centres where they can build up a practice quickly, to help pay off their debt sooner.

The story was generated in response to a Statistics Canada report on tuition fees.

Dr. Alfred Dean
CDA president Dr. Alfred Dean in the interview that appeared September 2
on CBC's The National and Canada Now programs.


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