CDA Award Winners Announced for 2003

September 5, 2003 — Ottawa — Each year, the Canadian Dental Association recognizes individuals for outstanding service to CDA and for their contribution to the dental profession. The 2003 Awards Ceremony and Luncheon will be held in Ottawa in conjunction with CDA's Meetings of the General Assembly and Strategic Forum.

CDA will recognize exceptional individuals from among the following award categories:

Honourary Membership
Distinguished Service Award
Award of Merit
Oral Health Promotion Award
Special Friend of Canadian Dentistry Award
President's Award

Honorary Membership

CDA's highest award, Honourary Membership, recognizes an outstanding contribution to the art and science of dentistry, or to the dental profession, over a sustained period of time. This award will not be conferred in 2003.

Distinguished Service Award

CDA's Distinguished Service Award is given in recognition of an outstanding contribution in a given year, or outstanding service over a number of years. It may also recognize outstanding contributions to the dental profession at the academic level, corporate level, specialty society, council, commission or committee level. Receiving the awards in 2003 are Dr. John Currah (Ottawa, Ontario), Dr. Gilles Dubé (Lachute, Quebec), and Mr. Brian Henderson (Ottawa, Ontario).

Dr. John Currah
Dr. John Currah is the past Director of Dental Services with the Canadian Forces and former chair of Section of Defence Forces Dental Services of FDI World Dental Federation. Dr. Currah is now Chief of Dental Services with Health Canada.
Dr. Gilles Dubé
Dr. Dubé served as president of CDA in 1990-91. He was a member of CDA's Executive Council and Board of Governors from 1986 to 1991. Dr. Dubé was also active on numerous committees of the Order of Dentists of Quebec and Association of Dental Surgeons of Quebec.
Mr. Brian Henderson
Brian Henderson is the former director of the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC). He also served as CDA's associate executive director and as its director of professional services. Mr. Henderson, now president of HealthTeam Associates, still provides consulting services to CDA.

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Award of Merit

The Award of Merit is given in recognition of outstanding service in the governing of the Canadian Dental Association or for outstanding contributions to Canadian dentistry. Dr. Richard Beauchamp (Edmonton, Alberta) and Dr. William MacInnis (Halifax, Nova Scotia) will receive the award in September 2003.

Dr. Richard Beauchamp
Dr. Richard Beauchamp has faithfully served the University of Alberta, the Alberta Dental Association and CDA since 1972. He is currently president of U of A's Dental Alumni Association.
Dr. William MacInnis
Dr. William MacInnis is the recently retired Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of Dalhousie University in Halifax. From 1997 to 2001, Dr. MacInnis was very active in the affairs of the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC).

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Oral Health Promotion Award

The Oral Health Promotion Award recognizes individuals or organizations that have improved the oral health of Canadians through oral health promotion. This year, the award is being presented to the Healthy Teeth Website (a production of the Nova Scotia Dental Association with the assistance of the Canadian Dental Association and the Halifax County Dental Society) and to the Body and Health Television Program (produced by Global Communications Ltd.).

Healthy Teeth Website
The Healthy Teeth Website is a production of the Nova Scotia Dental Association, with assistance from CDA and the Halifax County Dental Society. The site is designed to teach elementary-age students about the importance of oral health. Visit the Healthy Teeth Website at
Body & Health Television Program
Produced by Global Communications Ltd., Body and Health featured a special oral health segment during National Oral Health Month. Four episodes of Dentist on Call with CDA president Dr. Tom Breneman aired in April. Newspaper and Internet versions of Dentist on Call were also produced. To learn more about Body and Health, visit the program's Web site at

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Special Friend of Dentistry Award

The Special Friend of Canadian Dentistry Award is designed in appreciation and thanks for friendship and assistance to the Association. The 2003 award goes to Dr. Abbyann Lynch (Toronto, Ontario).

Dr. Abbyann Lynch
A leader in the field of medical ethics, Dr. Abbyann Lynch is the Director of Ethics at Health Care Associates, a private consulting group based in Toronto. She is the founding Director of the Bioethics Department at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

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President's Award

The President's Award is granted to graduating students who have demonstrated outstanding qualities, scholarship, character, and humanity. This year's recipients are:

  • Mr. Lucien Jules Bellamy of the University of British Columbia
  • Mr. Blair Campbell Dalgliesh of the University of Manitoba
  • Mr. Yasaman Khalili-Garkani of the University of Western Ontario
  • Mr. Steven Ma of the University of Alberta
  • Mr. Paul David Morton of McGill University
  • Ms. Genny Ilona Ordog of the University of Toronto
  • Ms. Sheena Shukla of Dalhousie University
  • Mr. Kirk Adam Slywka of the University of Saskatchewan (4th year program)
  • Ms. Xuan Huong Tran of L'Université de Laval
  • Mr. Thomas Yu of the University of Saskatchewan (5th year program)


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