Beware: Dental Association of Canada

January 22, 2003 - Ottawa - A person or organization purporting to be the Dental Association of Canada (DAOC) is capitalizing on confusion by sending out invoices to all dentists in Canada. DAOC is seeking funds from dentists through its Web address - - and a letter campaign.

The Ontario Provincial Police has advised CDA that it believes this to be a fraudulent attempt to obtain money from dentists.

These invoices are very similar to membership forms that CDA is currently mailing to dentists in Ontario and Quebec. CDA does not directly recruit dentists outside of Ontario and Quebec. Do not be confused. DAOC is not CDA.

Dentists in Ontario and Quebec who wish to join CDA should make sure they are paying membership fees to CDA. Dentists outside of Ontario and Quebec should not be misled into thinking that this invoice is from the Canadian Dental Association.

CDA has just learned that the Canadian Pharmacists Association is experiencing a similar situation with Canadian pharmacists also receiving invoices using similar tactics to confuse.

CDA communicated this information to Canadian dentists via e-mail and fax on January 21, and will also be mailing a warning to all Canadian dentists today (January 22, 2003).

Please warn your colleagues about this matter.

For more information, contact:

Bernadette Dacey
Manager, membership promotion
Canada Dental Association
Telephone: (613) 523-1770, ext 2229
Toll Free: 1-800-267-6354
Fax: (613) 523-7736


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