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Vol. 73, No. 2
ISSN: 1488-2159
March 2007

Table of Contents

Listen to the introductory message from editor-in-chief Dr. John O'Keefe.
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 4 minutes and 38 seconds


105 Guest Editorial - Should We All Sleep Now?
Sarah A. Hulland, BSc, DDS, Dip Ped Dent, MSc, FRCD(C)
107 President's Column
124 The Dental Advisor
131 Clinical Showcase
137 Point of Care

View the complementary PowerPoint presentation
narrated by Dr. Debora Matthews.
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149 In Support of Geriatric Dentistry at the Undergraduate Level
James Morreale, DDS, FASGD

153 Oral Health Related Quality of Life and its Association with Sociodemographic and Clinical Findings in 3 Northern Outreach Clinics
Michael H. Walter, DrMedDent
John I. Woronuk, DMD, MSc
Han-Kuang Tan, DDS, MSc
Ulrike Lenz, DrMedDent
Rainer Koch, DrRerNat
Klaus W. Boening, DrMedDent
Yvonne J. Pinchbeck, BSc
Listen to the interview with Dr. John I. Woronuk  Speaker icon 4 minutes and 56 seconds
155 Smoking and Oral Health Status
Wayne J. Millar, MA, MSc
David Locker, BDS, PhD
157 Review and Revision of the Competencies for a Beginning Dental Practitioner in Canada
Jack D. Gerrow, DDS, MS, MEd
H. Joseph Murphy, EdD
Marcia A. Boyd, DDS, MA, LHD (Hon)

163 Sympathetically Maintained Pain Presenting First as Temporomandibular Disorder, then as Parotid Dysfunction
Subha Giri, BDS, MS
Donald Nixdorf, DDS, MS
Listen to the interview with Dr. Donald Nixdorf  Speaker icon 3 minutes and 14 seconds
169 Large Erupting Complex Odontoma: A Case Report
Manoj Vengal, MDS
Honey Arora, BDS
Sujoy Ghosh, BDS
Keerthilatha M. Pai, MDS
175 Chondrosarcoma of the Mandible: A Case Report
Rajan Saini, BDS, MDS
Noor Hayati Abd Razak, BDS, M Clin Dent
Shiafulizan Ab Rahman, BDS, M Clin Dent
Abdul Rani Samsudin, BDS, FDSRCS, AM


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Dr. John P. O'Keefe

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