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Vol. 69, No. 10
ISSN: 1488-2159
November 2003


Platelet-Rich Plasma: A Promising Innovation in Dentistry


• Tolga Fikret Tözüm, DDS, PhD •
• Burak Demiralp, DDS, PhD •

A b s t r a c t

The goal of periodontal therapy is to protect and maintain the patient's natural dentition for his or her lifetime. More specifically, after periodontal regenerative surgery, the aim is to achieve complete wound healing and regeneration of the periodontal unit. A recent innovation in dentistry is the preparation and use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a concentrated suspension of the growth factors found in platelets. These growth factors are involved in wound healing and are postulated as promoters of tissue regeneration. This clinical update outlines the specific effects of these growth factors, both in vitro and in vivo, on periodontal wound healing. The review focuses on current animal and human trials using PRP to promote tissue regeneration and alveolar bone repair. The article goes on to describe the clinical benefits of PRP and the step-by-step preparation of PRP in the dental office.


MeSH Key Words: blood platelets/physiology; growth substances/physiology; guided tissue regeneration/methods; wound healing
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