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Vol. 68, No. 11
ISSN: 1488-2159
December 2002

Table of Contents

655 Editorial
657 President's Column

662 What Are the Research Priorities
of Canadian Dentists?

Paul Allison, BDS, FDSRCS, PhD
Christophe Bedos, DCD, PhD

670 Life-Threatening Hemorrhage
after Extraction of Third Molars:
Case Report and Management Protocol

Hassan G. Moghadam, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C)
Marco F. Caminiti, DDS, MEd, Dip OMFS, FRCD(C)
676 Management of Traumatic Dislocation
of the Mandibular Condyle into
the Middle Cranial Fossa

Robert P. Barron, DMD, BSc
Vesa T. Kainulainen, DDS
Albert W. Gusenbauer, DDS
Richard Hollenberg, BA, MD, FRCS(C), FACS
George K.B. Sàndor, MD, DDS, FRCD(C), FRCS(C), FACS
683 Antiplatelet Drugs : Is There a Surgical Risk?
Nach G. Daniel, DMD, BSc, MSc
Jacques Goulet, DMD
Marc Bergeron, MD, FRCPC
Robert Paquin, DMD, FRCD(C)
Pierre-Éric Landry, DMD, FRCD(C)

688 Frequency of Pharyngoplasty
after Primary Repair of Cleft Palate

Sean Bicknell
Leland R. McFadden, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C)
John B. Curran, BDS, FFDRCS(IREL), FRCD(C)
693 Temporomandibular Joint Arthroscopic Findings
in Patients With Cervical Flexion–Extension Injury
(Whiplash): A Preliminary Study of 30 Patients

Hani Abd-Ul-Salam, BSc, MSc, DDS, PhD, OMFSA
Bohdan Kryshtalskyj, BSc, DDS, MRCD(C)
Simon Weinberg, DDS, FRCD(C)
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