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Vol. 68, No. 11
ISSN: 1488-2159
December 2002

Cover Artist: Dr. William W. Dowhos

The cover art for the December JCDA is a relief carving by Dr. William W. Dowhos of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The carving was made into an end table for Dr. Dowhos' 4-year-old granddaughter Carly.

Dr. Dowhos has been a woodworker all his life. His garage is full to the rafters with toolsand wood. In fact, it is so full that there is no room for Dr. Dowhos' truck, which he parks outside all year long. This shows his complete dedication to his craft, because temperatures can plunge to a bone-rattling 30°C below zero during a Thunder Bay winter.

Dr. Dowhos received his DDS in 1957 and his diploma in oral and maxillofacial surgery in 1968 — both from the University of Toronto. He maintains a private practice in Thunder Bay.

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