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Step 1: Contact the CDA Coordinator, Dental Programs, to request the Guide to the CDA Seal Program. The guide provides information about the CDA Seal program fees, as well as the product information and documentation required for the application submission.

Step 2: For those wishing to apply, CDA provides a CDA Seal application form.

Step 3: The manufacturer submits the completed CDA Seal application package.

Step 4: Once the application is received, CDA will first confirm if the claim(s) submitted for validation qualifies as an oral health benefit before forwarding it for expert review. The oral health benefit claim(s) must be measurable, clinically significant, and the result of either the preventive, therapeutic or cosmetic effects of using the product. CDA experts will then independently review the application and evidence supporting the oral health benefit claims of the product. If these claims are found to be valid, the CDA Seal is awarded to the product.

Coordinator, Dental Programs
613-520-5054 or 1-800-267-6354

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