About the CDCP

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) is a federal government program intended to reduce financial barriers to oral health care. The program will provide coverage of the cost of dental care for Canadian residents who do not have dental benefits and have a household income of less than $90,000 a year.

Dental care under the CDCP is expected to start in Spring 2024. The federal government has committed to rolling out the CDCP coverage in stages. Below is a table with the expected timelines for applications to the CDCP.

Group Applications open
Seniors aged 87 and above Starting December 2023
Seniors aged 77 to 86 Starting January 2024
Seniors aged 72 to 76 Starting February 2024
Seniors aged 70 to 71 Starting March 2024
Seniors aged 65 to 69 Starting May 2024
Persons with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate Starting June 2024
Children under age 18 Starting June 2024
All remaining eligible Canadian residents Starting 2025

CDA Advocacy

CDA has long advocated for targeted investments to improve access to oral health care and we believe the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) will help improve access to care for many Canadians, especially for vulnerable populations.

Throughout the engagement process with the federal government, CDA alongside provincial and territorial dental associations (PTDAs) and other stakeholders have worked diligently to provide insights and technical expertise to the government for the development and implementation of the CDCP.

We have emphasized our key recommendations from our February 2023 policy paper to guide the development of the CDCP, such as holistic oral health, patient-centred care, prioritization of preventative care, and support for existing dental offices by eliminating administrative burdens and ensuring that a strategy is in place to help address human resource challenges.

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Last updated: February 12, 2024