November 9, 2022 – Ottawa, ON: Since 1931, Remembrance Day marks an occasion for Canadians to honour those who have fought bravely for our country and to preserve our freedoms. On Friday, November 11, at the eleventh hour, the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) encourages all individuals to give thanks and remember Canada’s fallen.

“In memory of those we’ve lost, in honour of those who have served, and in gratitude to current service members, our dental community expresses our highest appreciation by being of service to those who have served our country,” says Dr. Lynn Tomkins, CDA president. “As dentists, we offer care to veterans in our communities and support to our fellow dentists in the military. We value peace and work to maintain it in our own communities and around the world.”

Like many Canadians, Dr. Tomkins had several family members who served in the military in both World Wars, and some who never returned home. As Canada commemorates veterans of war this Remembrance Day, Dr. Tomkins, reflects on how military service and peacekeeping have shaped the Canadian experience. View Dr. Tomkins’ complete reflection.

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