CDA Essentials 2016 • Volume 3 • Issue 7 - page 46

Volume3 Issue7
Dr. JackGilbertDaleof TorontopassedawayonFebruary3,
2016at theageof 85.
A1958graduate from theUniversityof Toronto (Uof T),
Dr. Dale specialized inorthodontics atHarvardUniversity.
Hequicklybecamean international leader inhis field,
travelling theworld togive lectures at universities,
hospitals, associations and societies inmore than
30countries.While teaching full-timeatUof Tand
maintainingaprivatepractice, Dr. Dalealsocontributed
tomanypublicationson topics suchasorthodontics,
education, standardsof care, research, oral anatomy, and
Dr. Dalewashighly involved inorganizeddentistryand
servedaspresident of several organizations, including
theCanadianAssociationofOrthodontists, theAmerican
BoardofOrthodontics, theCharlesH. Tweed International
Foundation forOrthodonticResearchandEducation,
the International AssociationofDental Research (Ontario
section), andAmericanCollegeofDentists (Ontario
section). Hewas alsoaco-founder of both theCanadian
Foundation for theAdvancement ofOrthodontics and
theHarvardSociety for theAdvancement ofOrthodontics.
He received thehighest awardsgivenbynational and
international dental organizations, andwas thefirst
recipientof theExcellence inOrthodonticsAwardgiven
at the inauguralWorldSymposiumonOrthodontics in2003.
Dr. Dalewas alsoanaccomplishedartist. Alongwith
hiswife, fellowUof TalumnaDr. AnneCarlyleDale, he
providedhand-drawndiagrams and illustrations for
Histology:Development, StructureandFunction
a textbook
considereda standard in its field. Thecouplealso shareda
passion for history, particularlydental history.
He is survivedbyhiswifeand their twodaughters, Anne
Dr. RobertMooreGrainger of London, Ontario, passedaway
onApril 5, 2016. Hewas 97yearsold.
A1943graduate from theUniversityof Toronto (Uof T),
Dr. Grainger later obtainedadiploma indental public
healthandaMaster of Science indentistry,majoring in
statistics andepidemiology.
Dr. Grainger becamea leadingauthority inhis field. Hewas
adental statisticianwith theOntarioDepartment ofHealth
before returning toUof Tasprofessor of epidemiologyand
statistics. Healsochaired theuniversity’sdivisionof dental
research, andwaspart-timedirector of theorthodontic
researchcentre. Hisunparalleledexpertiseallowedhim to
craft theanalytical strategies forUof T’sBurlingtonGrowth
Study, oneof themost important databases for craniofacial
growth in theworld. IncollaborationwithCDA, he
publishedamanual for theevaluationof oral health in1959,
makingCanadaoneof thefirst countrieswithnational
standards for epidemiological surveys.
After servingasprofessor of epidemiologyanddirector of
clinics at theUniversityof BritishColumbia, Dr. Grainger
movedback toOntario to takeon the roleof research
director for theAssociationof CanadianMedical Colleges,
and thenasdirector for CDA’sbureauof economics. He
also servedas editor of the
Journal of theCanadianDental
Association (JCDA)
from1973 to1975.
Not onlywasDr. Grainger anational leader indental
statistics andepidemiology, his serviceswerealso sought
after internationally. Hewas instrumental inestablishing
theWorldHealthOrganization’sdental surveycriteria, and
heactedas associatedirectorwith theNational Institute
ofDental ResearchatNational InstitutesofHealth in the
Dr. Grainger is survivedbyhiswifeNormaand their two
daughters, Patriciaand Jennifer.
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