Honorary Membership is awarded to recognize the individual deemed to have made outstanding contributions to the art and science of dentistry, or to the dental profession, over a sustained period of time.

Although this award may be for service that is provincial, national or international in nature, an outstanding contribution at the national level shall be a principal consideration. Most often, recipients of Honorary Membership would be dentist members of the CDA.

Honorary Membership - Past Recipients (Since 1944)
2021/2022 Mr. Claude Paul Boivin (Ottawa, Ontario)
  Dr. Richard Price (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
2020/2021 Mr. Joel Neal (Ottawa, Ontario)
  Dr. Donald Gutkin (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  Dr. Debora Matthews (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)
  Dr. Philip Poon (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
2019/2020 Dr. Leland McFadden (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  Dr. Mary McNally (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
2018/2019 Dr. Brian Barrett (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island)
  Mr. Lyle Best (Edmonton, Alberta)
  Dr. Robert Sexton (Cornerbrook, Newfoundland)
2017/2018 Dr. Toby Gushue (St. John’s, Newfoundland)
2016/2017 Dr. Peter Cooney (Greely, Ontario)
2015/2016 Dr. Daniel Haas - Toronto, Ontario
2014/2015 Dr. Gilles Lavigne - Montréal, QC
2013/2014 Dr. William MacInnis - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2012/2013 Mr. Don Pamenter - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2011/2012 No recipient
2010/2011 Dr. Johan Francis Wolfaardt - Edmonton, Alberta
2009/2010 Dr. David Sweet – Vancouver, British Columbia
2008/2009 Dr. Claude Lamarche - Montréal, Quebec
2007/2008 Dr. Marcia Boyd - Vancouver, British Columbia
2006/2007 Dr. Barry Dolman - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Dennis C. Smith - Collingwood, Ontario
2005/2006 Dr. Gordon Thompson - Edmonton, Alberta
2004/2005 Dr. David K. Peters - St. John’s, Newfoundland
  Prof. George A. Zarb - Toronto, Ontario
2003/2004 No recipients
2002/2003 Dr. James R. Brookfield - Kirkland Lake, Ontario
2001/2002 Dr. Don MacFarlane - Vancouver, British Columbia
2000/2001 Dr. Bernard Dolansky - Ottawa, Ontario
  Dr. Ray Wenn - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
1999/2000 Dr. George Peacock - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  Dr. Norman Levine - Willowdale, Ontario
1998/1999 Dr. William R. Scott - West Vancouver, British Columbia
1997/1998 Dr. Kevin L. Roach - Pembroke, Ontario
1996/1997 Dr. Kenneth Bentley - Lacolle, Quebec
1995/1996 Dr. Arthur Schwartz - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Dr. Helene Shingles - Sarnia, Ontario
1994/1995 Dr. Ralph Brooke - London, Ontario
  Dr. Ronald Markey - Vancouver, British Columbia
1993/1994 No recipients
1992/1993 Dr. William McIntosh - Toronto, Ontario
  Dr. Gordon Nikiforuk - Toronto, Ontario
1991/1992 Dr. Wesley Dunn - London, Ontario
  Dr. Jean-Paul Lussier - Westmount, Québec
1990/1991 Dr. Ernest Ambrose - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  Dr. Bradley Wescott Holmes - Kenora, Ontario
  Dr. Roderick Lawrence Moran - Toronto, Ontario
1989/1990 Dr. Ralph Crawford - Delta, British Columbia
  Dr. Robert N. Hicks - North Vancouver, British Columbia
1988/1989 Dr. Nick A. Mancini - Hamilton, Ontario
1987/1988 Dr. William R. Thompson - Belleville, Ontario
1986/1987 No recipients
1985/1986 Dr. Lorne Edgar MacLachlan - Bedford, Nova Scotia
1984/1985 Dr. Conrad Godin - Trois-Rivières, Quebec
1983/1984 Dr. J. Fred Reid - Surrey, British Columbia
  Dr. William Miller - Vancouver, British Columbia
1982/1983 Dr. Bruce Taylor
1981/1982 Dr. George M. Dewis - Halifax, Nova Scotia
  Dr. P. S. Christie - Halifax, Nova Scotia
1980/1981 Dr. James Zimmerman
  Dr. John F. Edgecombe
1979/1980 Mr. Lloyd Bowen
1978/1979 Dr. Hector R. McLean
1977/1978 No recipient
1976/1977 Dr. S. MacGregor
1975/1976 No recipient
1974/1975 Dr. Joseph Harker Johnson
1973/1974 Dr. H.M. Worth
  Dr. J. Menzies Campbell
1972/1973 Dr. Robert Leblanc
1971/1972 Dr. Percy G. Anderson
  Dr. Gerald Leatherman
1970/1971 Dr. Gordon C. Watson
1969/1970 Dr. W. Gordon Leahy
1968/1969 Dr. Harold Cline
1967/1968 Gordon W. Watson, Q.C.
1966/1967 Dr. A.J. Cormier
  Dr. Heath McIntyre
1965/1966 Dr. Paul Geoffrion
1964/1965 Dr. W. Scott Hamilton
  Dr. Donald W. Gullett
1963/1964 Dr. Harvey W. Reid
  Dr. A. Clifford Lewis
1962/1963 Dr. Emery Jones
1961/1962 Dr. Arthur Allan Kenney
1960/1961 Dr. Felix Andrew French
1959/1960 Dr. Alden West Faulkner
1958/1959 Dr. George Guelph Armitage
1957/1958 Dr. W.L. Hutton
  Dr. Howard James Merkley
1956/1957 Dr. John W. Clay
1955/1956 Dr. Harold Keith Box
1954/1955 Dr. Frank Godsoe
1953/1954 Dr. Arthur Lambert Walsh
  Dr. Ernest Charron
  Dr. Herbert Parker Buchanan
1952/1953 Dr. Robert L. Pallen
  Dr. Matthew Henry Garvin
1951/1952 Dr. Sydney Wood Bradley
1950/1951 Dr. Stephan A. Moore
1949/1950 Dr. Lorne J.D. Fasken
1948/1949 Dr. Harold Hillenbrand
  Dr. Joseph Nolin
1947/1948 Dr. J. Stanley Bagnall
1946/1947 Dr. George Bush
1945/1946 No recipient
1944/1945 Dr. Harry S. Thomson