About CDAC


Quality educational programs and health facilities through accreditation.


The CDAC evaluates oral health educational programs and health facilities to determine eligibility for and grant accreditation.


  1. Develop and maintain national accreditation requirements for education programs and health facilities based on current knowledge and practice in consultation with stakeholders.
  2. Collaborate with certification bodies and regulatory authorities in the evaluation of programs preparing entry level practitioners.
  3. Evaluate educational programs and health facilities using defined processes.
  4. Identify accredited educational programs and health facilities.
  5. Monitor the need to establish reciprocal agreements with related international accrediting agencies.


CDAC is committed to the integration of the following values:

Quality – Striving for excellence in all its endeavours.

Collaboration – Engaging with stakeholders to accomplish its mission.

Respect – Embracing diversity of ideas, culture and language.

Integrity – Acting in an ethical and transparent manner.


Programs Applying for Accreditation

The deadline is August 1. If you have any questions, click here or contact CDAC. The list of accredited programs can be found here.

CDAC Annual Meeting

The next CDAC annual meeting will be in November 2023.