About CDAC


A Vision statement expresses the aspirations of an organization. It should reflect the organization’s ability to innovate, adapt and respond to the changing environment in which it operates.

CDAC’s Vision is:
To foster excellence in professional oral health education through accreditation.


A Mission Statement identifies the purpose and focus of an organization. Every strategic and operational decision an organization undertakes should align with its Mission. If the organization is considering a decision that does not align with its Mission, it needs to ask why it would make such a decision or whether it is time to review its Mission.

CDAC’s Mission is:
To develop and implement accreditation standards that monitor quality assurance and promote innovation in oral health education programs and health facilities in the interest of its partners, including the public.


Values articulate how the organization will interact with and values its members and articulates how it will be accountable. Values represent the lenses that support decision-making and overall operations.

CDAC’s core values are:

  • Quality: Striving for excellence in all our activities.
  • Collaboration: Working together to support and promote our mission and vision.
  • Respect: Leading through words and actions grounded in ethics, integrity, commitment, transparency, and trust.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: Integrating equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility within our vision, mission, culture, and actions.
  • Accountability: Upholding our obligations to stakeholders through clear and transparent communications.
  • Impartiality and Independence: Ensuring all decisions are fair, objective, and autonomous.