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July 12, 2017
Clinical practice guidelines for recall and maintenance of patients with tooth-
and implant-borne dental restorations

The clinical practice guidelines presented in this interview were initially developed using the systematic reviews. Additional guidelines were developed using expert opinion and consensus, which included discussion of the best clinical practices, clinical feasibility, and risk-benefit ratio to the patient.

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New ITRANS to TELUS Secure Connection Saves Dentists Time and Disruption

The IP Interconnect between ITRANS and TELUS Health was launched on July 8th. This means all claims coming into ITRANS that are destined for a TELUS carrier are no longer switched to the telephone system and instead travel on a secure VPN (virtual private network) to TELUS Health. The average “round trip” time for a claim or other CDAnet transaction has decreased from 20-30 seconds to about 5 seconds, so dental offices will see a noticeable speed improvement. The Interconnect agreement will minimize disruption in the dental office when TELUS Health retires modems this year because dentists using ITRANS will not have to make any changes that might have been required without this Interconnect.

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