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Vol. 74, No. 7
ISSN: 1488-2159
September 2008
Special Issue Featuring McGill's Faculty of Dentistry

Table of Contents

569 Guest Editorial - McGill Dentistry: A Remarkable Rejuvenation
James Lund, BDS, PhD
571 President's Column
Deborah Stymiest, BSc, DDS

599 Research Revolution at McGill University's Faculty of Dentistry
Patrick McDonagh
602 Teaching Innovations at McGill Prepare Students for Real-World Clinical Setting
Patrick McDonagh
605 McGill's Commitment to Dentistry Outreach: Transforming Delivery of Oral Health Care in Quebec
Patrick McDonagh
609 Clinical Showcase - Provisional Restoration for an Osseointegrated Single Maxillary Anterior Implant
Robert David, DDS
617 Point of Care

This month’s contributors are from McGill University’s faculty of dentistry.

What is the recommended dental management for patients who are receiving oral bisphosphonate therapy?
Ms. Minyue Dai
Ms. Yang Li
Dr. Timothy W. Head
Dr. Marc D. McKee
Dr. Simon D. Tran

What is the recommended dental management for patients who are receiving intravenous bisphosphonate therapy?
Ms. Yang Li
Ms. Minyue Dai
Dr. Timothy W. Head
Dr. Marc D. McKee
Dr. Simon D. Tran

Which digital intraoral sensor is better?
Dr. Marie Dagenais

Is the choice of attachment for implant overdentures influenced by the angulation of the implant?
Dr. Olivier Fromentin
Dr. Claire Lassauzay
Dr. Samer Abi Nader
Dr. Rubens F. Albuquerque Jr.


627 When it Comes to New Technologies, Are You Fulfilling Your Professional Mandate?
Bahram Rashti, BSc
Shahrokh Esfandiari, BSc, DDS
Genevieve Lemieux, BSc
Jocelyne Feine, DDS, HDR

631 New Technologies in Health Care. Part 1: A Moral and Ethical Predicament
Ariane Lebuis
Beverly Lai, BEng
Elham Emami, DMD, MSc
Jocelyne S. Feine, DDS, HDR
637 New Technologies in Health Care. Part 2: A Legal and Professional Dilemma
Beverly Lai, BEng
Ariane Lebuis
Elham Emami, DMD, MSc
Jocelyne S. Feine, DDS, HDR
643 Initial Investigation of the Relation between Extended Computer Use and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders
Romina Perri, DMD
Veronika Huta, PhD
Leonard Pinchuk, PhD, DSc
Cindy Pinchuk, MSE
David J. Ostry, PhD
James P. Lund, BDS, PhD
645 Blended Learning in Orthodontic Diagnosis: An Interactive Approach
Jean-Marc Retrouvey, DMD, MSc, FRCD(C)
Adam B.A. Finkelstein

651 Effects of Psychological State on Pain Perception in the Dental Environment
Marco L. Loggia, PhD
Petra Schweinhardt, MD, PhD
Chantal Villemure, PhD
M. Catherine Bushnell, PhD

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