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Vol. 74, No. 10
ISSN: 1488-2159
December 2008/January 2009
Special Issue Featuring the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Dentistry

Table of Contents

849 Guest Editorial - Our Legacy and Our Future
Anthony M. Iacopino, DMD, PhD
851 President's Column
Deborah Stymiest, BSc, DDS
866 Surveillance Spotlight - Practising Oral–Systemic Medicine: The Need for Interprofessional Education
Anthony M. Iacopino, DMD, PhD

873 University of Manitoba's Faculty of Dentistry — “Traditions of Excellence: Horizons of Change”
Anthony M. Iacopino, DMD, PhD
877 Innovative Preclinical Dental Teaching and Learning at the University of Manitoba
Noriko Boorberg, BSc, DMD
Lawrence Stockton, DMD
879 Outreach and Service Learning: Manitoba's Centre for Community Oral Health
Douglas J. Brothwell, BEd, DMD, MSc, DDPh
883 Undergraduate Experience in Dental Research: the Bachelor of Science (Dentistry) Program at the University of Manitoba
J. Elliott Scott, PhD
886 Electronic Curriculum Mapping: Supporting Competency-Based Dental Education
Randy Mazurat, BSc, DDS, MDEd
Dieter J. Schönwetter, BTh, BA, MA, PhD
891 Point of Care

This month’s contributors are from the University of Manitoba’s faculty of dentistry.

What additional precautions should I take when bonding to severely fluorotic teeth?
Dr. James Noble
Dr. Nicholas E. Karaiskos
Dr. William A. Wiltshire

How do you predict the eventual amount of spacing or crowding that will occur in a child in the mixed dentition stage?
Dr. James Noble

The orthodontist gave my patient a rapid maxillary expander and then a functional appliance with a headgear component. The patient has achieved an outstanding result! What biological mechanism allows these appliances to work?
Dr. James Noble
Dr. Nicholas E. Karaiskos
Dr. William A. Wiltshire

Should I be concerned if a patient requiring orthodontic treatment has an allergy to nickel?
Dr. James Noble
Dr. Stephen I. Ahing
Dr. Nicholas E. Karaiskos
Dr. William A. Wiltshire


899 The State of Oral Health in Personal Care Homes: A Public Health Issue?
Salme E. Lavigne, Dip DH, BA, MS(DH)

903 Are Manitoba Dentists Aware of the Recommendation for a First Visit to the Dentist by Age 1 Year?
Tijana Stijacic, BSc, BSc(Dent), DMD
Robert J. Schroth, DMD, MSc
Herenia P. Lawrence, DDS, MSc, PhD
905 Tobacco Use Cessation Services Provided by Dentists and Dental Hygienists in Manitoba: Part 1. Influence of Practitioner Demographics and Psychosocial Factors
Douglas J. Brothwell, BEd, DMD, MSc, DDPH
Shirley C. Gelskey, BSc, MPH, PhD

907 Three-Way Trays: Easy to Use and Abuse
Igor J. Pesun, DMD, MS, FACP
Vanessa L. Swain, DMD, MSD
913 Shedding New Light on Early Caries Detection
Lin-P'ing Choo-Smith, BSc, PhD
Cecilia C.S. Dong, DMD, BSc (Dent), MSc (Prosth), FRCD(C)
Blaine Cleghorn, DMD, MS
Mark Hewko, BScEng, MEng

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