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Vol. 71, No. 4
ISSN: 1488-2159
April 2005


Development and Testing of an Audio-visual Aid for Improving Infant Oral Health through Primary Caregiver Education


• Lisa H. Alsada, DDS, FCAM, P Mgr, FCIM •
• Michael J. Sigal, DDS, MSc, Dip Paedo, FRCD(C) •
• Hardy Limeback, DDS, PhD •
• James Fiege •
• Gajanan V. Kulkarni, BDS, LLB, MSc, D Ped Dent, PhD, FRCD(C) •

A b s t r a c t

Purpose: To create and test an audio-visual (AV) aid for providing anticipatory guidance on infant oral health to caregivers.

Methods: A DVD-video containing evidence-based information about infant oral health care and prevention in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry guidelines has been developed (

It contains comprehensive anticipatory guidance in the areas of pregnancy, oral development, teething, diet and nutrition, oral hygiene, fluoride use, acquisition of oral bacteria, feeding and oral habits, causes and sequelae of early childhood caries, trauma prevention, early dental visits and regular dental visits. A questionnaire was developed to test the knowledge of expectant and young mothers (n = 11) and early childhood educators (n = 16) before and after viewing the video.

Results: A significant lack of knowledge about infant oral health was indicated by the proportion of “I don't know” (22%) and incorrect (19%) responses to the questionnaire before the viewing. Significant improvement in knowledge (32%; range -3% to 57%; p < 0.001) was indicated by the proportion of correct responses (91%) following a single viewing of the AV aid.

Conclusion: This AV aid promises to be an effective tool in providing anticipatory guidance regarding infant oral health in high-risk populations. Unlike existing educational materials, this aid provides a comprehensive, self-directed, evidence-based approach to the promotion of infant oral health. Widespread application of this prevention protocol has the potential to result in greater awareness, increased use of dental services and reduced incidence of preventable oral disease in the target populations.


MeSH Key Words: audiovisual aids; oral health; parents/education
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