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Vol. 70, No. 1
ISSN: 1488-2159
January 2004

Cover Artist: Dr. Jack Sherman

Dr. Jack Sherman of Lethbridge, Alb., took up watercolour painting in 1995. He especially enjoys painting outdoors. The work that graces the cover of this month's JCDA (titled Cameron Creek – Winter) is a half-sheet (15” × 22”) painted onsite at Waterton Lakes National Park. “My mentor and teacher, Robert Croskery, and I snowshoed in to the location about half a kilometre from the nearest road, set up our easels in the deep snow, sat on our snowshoes and painted,” Dr. Sherman recalls. “We returned to this spot and others many times. The concern with watercolours, of course, is that water freezes at zero degrees centigrade, so we could usually only paint for an hour or less before the paint would freeze on the paper. On returning home, we were often surprised by the end result, as the melting and drying created unexpectedly dramatic effects! Someone advised me to use gin in the water to prevent freezing, and I might just give that a try someday!” Dr. Sherman has maintained a general practice in Lethbridge since graduating from the University of Alberta in 1967. He is currently vice-president of the Alberta Dental Association and College.

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