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Vol. 69, No. 4
ISSN: 1488-2159
April 2003


The Effect of Cyclosporine with and without Nifedipine on Gingival Overgrowth in Renal Transplant Patients


• Abdol Hamid Khoori, DDS •
• Behzad Einollahi, MD •
• Ghassem Ansari, PhD •
• Mohammad Bagher Moozeh, MSD •

A b s t r a c t

Purpose: This investigation was performed to evaluate the effect of cyclosporine alone and in combination with nifedipine on gingival overgrowth.

Methods: One hundred and nineteen patients who had undergone renal transplantation at least 12 months previously were selected for the study. The patients were divided into 2 groups according to whether they had received cyclosporine alone (group 1, n = 98) or cyclosporine with nifedipine (group 2, n = 21). Periodontal and pharmacological characteristics were assessed for all patients.

Results: Marked gingival overgrowth was seen in 11 (52%) of the patients in group 2 but just 6 (6%) of those in group 1. In addition, the gingival overgrowth index was significantly greater for patients who had received both nifedipine and cyclosporine (Mann–Whitney U-test, p < 0.001). However, there were no significant differences between groups with higher and lower gingival overgrowth index in terms of age, sex, cyclosporine dose, nifedipine dose or level of cyclosporine in the serum.

Conclusion: The combination of cyclosporine and nifedipine may increase the incidence as well as the severity of gingival overgrowth in renal transplant patients. Among patients who had received both drugs, there was a clear relationship between gingival overgrowth and duration of cyclosporine and nifedipine use.


MeSH Key Words: calcium channel blockers/adverse effects; gingival overgrowth; immunosuppressive agents/adverse effects; kidney transplantation
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