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Vol. 68, No. 10
ISSN: 1488-2159
November 2002


Local Anesthetic Cartridges and Latex Allergy: A Literature Review


• Ali R. Shojaei, BSc, DDS •
• Daniel A. Haas, BSc, DDS, BScD, PhD, FRCD(C) •

A b s t r a c t

Purpose: To assess the validity of recommendations to avoid using cartridges for dental local anesthetic in patients with latex allergies.

Methods: A MEDLINE search was conducted for the period 1966 to 2001, and relevant publications were reviewed for evidence of allergic reactions precipitated by latex in medication vials or cartridges for dental local anesthetic.

Results: Twelve publications met the selection criteria and are summarized here: 4 case reports, 5 experimental studies, 1 clinical update and 2 letters to the editor.

Conclusion: The medical literature provides some evidence that latex allergen can be released into pharmaceutical solutions contained within vials, by either penetration through or direct contact with natural latex stoppers. However, there are no reports of studies or cases in which a documented allergy was due to the latex component of cartridges for dental local anesthetic.


MeSH Key Words: anesthetics, local/adverse effects; hypersensitivity, immediate/etiology; latex/adverse effects
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