Please note the following:

  • Before registering for the DAT you must read the entire DAT Candidate Guide.
  • You must register with the name that appears on the identification you will present at the test centre. At the test centre, you must present two pieces of identification that bear your signature. One of these must be government-issued and must include your photo. Only the government-issued identification listed below will be accepted for photo ID:
    • Passport
    • Driver's licence
    • Citizenship card
    • Provincial Photo ID card
    • Certificate of Indian Status

The second piece of ID must bear your signature. Acceptable items in addition to those listed above, include a credit card from a major Canadian bank or a student ID card with your photo and signature. Both pieces of identification you present must be valid (not expired), must show the same first name and last name, and the names must match what you registered with.

Registration Process

The steps in the registration process are:

  • Click the “Register Now” link button below.
  • Complete the registration pages, provide payment information and submit.
    • CDA will send you an email confirming that your registration is in progress.
  • If required, provide any additional documents such as the application for testing accommodation or proof of your continued application to dental schools if you have written the DAT 3 or more times.
  • Receive your Eligibility Email from CDA 2-3 business days after registration. This confirms your eligibility and provides instructions on booking a testing appointment through Prometric. You will have a six-month period (your “eligibility window”) in which to write the DAT. Upon receipt of this email, your registration is complete.
  • Visit the Prometric website and book your testing appointment.
    • Prometric will provide a confirmation email with specific details for the test centre you selected.
  • Monitor the DAT website and the Prometric websites for updates about the DAT.
  • Write the DAT.

Register as soon as possible

Register as early as possible for your preferred test location and date for the DAT.

Write the DAT 8 weeks before scores are needed

It is your responsibility to know when dental schools need your scores. To ensure ample time, write the DAT at least 8 weeks before dental schools need your scores.

To begin your registration, click the button below.