The table below lists DAT products and services.

DAT Preparation Manual $30
Additional transcripts (including personal copies):
First copy of transcript
Additional copies of transcript

DAT results audit $80
Transcript verification -- list of all of the dental schools that have been sent your DAT scores. $30
Resend returned DAT preparation materials $10

To place an order, click the Submit an order/request button below. Please note the following:

  1. You can order preparation materials and transcripts when you register or separately at any time. Separate orders and DAT administrative requests can be submitted online. Telephone, mail and email orders/requests are not accepted.
  2. Fees are collected online during the order process. Payment must be by VISA, Mastercard, or American Express.
  3. Use your full name and address as it appears on your DAT registration confirmation email. Incomplete or incorrect name and address information may delay or even prevent the arrival of correspondence and preparation materials to you.
  4. To order transcripts, you will need to provide one of: your DAT ID number, the payment reference number for the registration, or the test date.
  5. When you are ordering additional transcripts, all Canadian schools and many international schools can be selected from the provided list on the ordering page (see the list here). To send transcripts to other international schools, you will need to provide the exact mailing address, an email address and other contact information—it is your responsibility to provide CDA with the correct contact information to ensure your transcript reaches the correct destination.
  6. Keep a copy of all correspondence you have with the DAT Office and the admissions offices of the dental schools you have applied to. If the DAT Office encounters any difficulties processing the information you have provided, a representative will contact you.

All information needed to place an order for DAT preparation materials or DAT scores or to make an administrative request is provided in the DAT Candidate Guide. Review this information carefully before submitting your order or request. Incomplete orders/requests will not be processed. Telephone and email orders/requests are not accepted.

To order transcripts or a service related to a particular writing of the DAT you completed, having your Payment Reference Number related to the registration for the test will speed up processing. You will find this on the confirmation email you received from