Applications for Accreditation

Applications for Preliminary Approval (Dental Specialty Programs)

Programs first apply for Preliminary Approval. If Preliminary Approval is granted, an accreditation survey is scheduled when the students are in the program's final year. In November of each year, the CDAC has its annual meeting at which it reviews the results of survey visits to determine whether or not programs are granted accreditation status.

How do I apply for Preliminary Approval?

Applications for Preliminary Approval must be received by August 1 of each year for review at the CDAC annual November meeting. New programs applying are directed to read the Guide to Accreditation. The application must contain the following information:

  1. One (1) electronic copy on a USB key of the program's responses to CDAC accreditation requirements.

Program Fee Schedule

CDAC prepares a program fee schedule for accreditation of educational programs.
Download the 2023 fee schedule (PDF 267 KB).

Applications for Other Programs

New programs applying are directed to read the Guide to Accreditation and to contact CDAC.