CDAC wants to ensure all stakeholders, program directors, educators, examination boards, and regulatory authorities that we are aware of the global disruption that this has caused in the functioning of the CDAC and the programs that we accredit in Canada.

During this time, the CDAC office will be open (hours may be limited) to support programs and answer questions, as needed. The survey visits that have been suspended will be re-scheduled when the travel restrictions have been lifted, and educational/health facilities are safely open again. We will remain in constant communication.

In order to monitor educational programs regarding the strategies programs are implementing for both the didactic and clinical components of program delivery, programs are requested to share this information via the Annual Program Review (APR) sent out recently. Programs are required to provide specific information on current and future initiatives for completing program competencies, and most importantly, for graduating cohorts. As stated in the APR:

‘PLEASE NOTE: in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, CDAC is aware of programs moving to online methods of didactic delivery, and anticipated closures for the rest of the 2019/20 academic year. As part of CDAC ongoing monitoring for accredited programs, we are asking that you include program-specific strategies in managing both the didactic and clinical components of program delivery under question 2.2.

We also understand that at this time, you may not be able to communicate your clinical strategies, but we are requesting programs to share how they will determine clinical competence. The deadline for your APR is June 30, 2020.’

Additional information may also be emailed to with the subject heading “APR… <your program>”.

Please understand as a result of the pandemic, CDAC is handling a much higher volume of emails and phone calls. Please reach out should you need to reach a staff person at 1-866-521-2322 or