May 18, 2016


From the Chairside: Techniques for improved local anesthetic in patients



Dr. Randall Croutze on the CDA Days on the Hill

Looking into the future of pharmacology and dentistry




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Call for Participation in the case of Local anesthesia for an out-of-control hypertension

Drs. Ji and O'Keefe are welcoming 20 dentists to participate in this informal and open conversation among colleagues. If you are interested in participating, please send us your name and email address to and we will send you both the invitation link and the password to attend the session. Read more

Dr. John O'Keefe on convening a community of practitioners around a virtual campfire

Rather than being portrayed as the pronouncement of a deity, any post on Oasis is either a conversation opener or an addition to a conversation that only becomes enriched and reaches its full potential, when dentists and other interested parties actually engage in and add to the conversation. Read more

NIHB-AFN-FNIHB Joint Review: Service Provider Engagement

The Joint Review Steering Committee wants to provide as many opportunities for input as possible from First Nations individuals and communities, health care professionals and service providers alike. As such, surveys have been developed for both service providers and clients. In addition, the Joint Review is also happy to accept written submissions of up to five pages. For more information, click here


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