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February 3, 2016


Restorative dentistry in behaviorally challenging children


What are the value drivers of today's dental practices?

HPV and implications for dentistry, with Jo-Anne Jones


Evidence of Epstein–Barr Virus Association with Head and Neck Cancers: A Review
Drs. Soorebettu Prabhu and David F. Wilson


Oasis Discussions


Case resolution: What do you do when this patient attends your clinic?, with Dr. Bob Wood


CE Showcase: Knee-to-knee examination, with Dr. Ross Anderson


CE Showcase: Evidence for and against screening of oral cancer, with Dr. Paul Speight


Oasis Resource: Osteoarthritis – implications for dentistry, with Dr. Aviv Ouanounou


Oasis Resource: The X-suturing technique with Dr. Ziv Simon


Oasis Resource: Periodontal disease in the elderly patient


CDA Oasis Conversations: Improving oral health in the developing countries, with Dr. Saida Rasul


CDA @ Work


The Canadian Dental Association's "Campfire for knowledge exchange"


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