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July 7, 2015

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CDA Oasis Conversations: Chris Felix speaks about light curing outputs

CDA Oasis Conversations: Dr. Aviv Ouanounou speaks about treating the elderly patient

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In case your patient asks you about x-rays and the risk of meningioma…

Reviewing and comparing strategies for treating pit-and-fissure lesions in permanent teeth

How do you manage people with Parkinson's disease in the dental setting?

How accurate are visual methods in detecting carious lesions? A systematic review

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Calling Canadian dentists!

Join us in St. John's at the end of August for the CDA Convention and stay for a long weekend of fun, fellowship and one great party. Tell your friends and register today!

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Outpatient Medication Use and Implications for Dental Care: Guidance for Contemporary Dental Practice
Joel B. Epstein, Karen Fung, Mark Donaldson, Gordon Schwartz, Cameron Jones, Jacob Fitzgerald

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