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May 25, 2015

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Taking an Oasis moment, with Dr. John O'Keefe


Case conference: Where do opioids fit in the management of acute post-surgical pain?

Communication within the dental team: How would you handle this situation?

We would like to have your opinion, please.

We are currently working with dental industry to develop solutions in the area of clinical equipment and we are seeking your feedback:

  • What are the main equipment issues that you encounter in your dental office?
  • What are the most expensive equipment issues you have dealt with in the past?

Please email us at We thank you for the feedback.

Oasis Discussions

Should retention of a tooth be an important goal of dentistry?

Clinical decision-making for caries canagement in children: an update

Evaluating neck masses in adults

What are the factors affecting prognosis and treatment duration for impacted central incisors?

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