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January 14, 2015

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Are there changes in the enamel as a consequence of bleaching?

This summary is based on the article published in Materials Letters: New approach to determine the morphological and structural changes in the enamel as consequence of dental bleaching (February 2015) Read more


What are the current standards for treatment of permanent teeth that have had trauma and require apexification?

Traumatic dental injuries account for approximately 5% of the dental treatment sought by patients. They can be challenging for clinicians as proper diagnosis, treatment and follow-up are essential in leading to a favourable outcome. Read more

What are the effects of orthodontic treatment for class II malocclusion in children?

This summary is based on the Cochrane Oral Health Group review: Orthodontic treatment for prominent upper front teeth (Class II malocclusion) in children (November 2013). Read more

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