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November 25, 2014   

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How to avoid being sued?

The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) recently published a brochure for dentists on how to avoid being sued by patients. The brochure contains valuable information that could help dentists across Canada improve their relationship with patients and avoid the threat of legal action. Here is a brief summary. Read the post


When is it appropriate to link a prosthesis to natural teeth and implants?

Drs. Natalie Wong and Suham Alexander provided this quick initial response to a question submitted by a dentist. Read the post


Dealing with systemic diseases in the elderly patient

This summary is based on the article published in Dental Clinics of North America: Systemic Diseases and Oral Health (October 2014). Read the post


What are the oral health considerations for older adults with cognitive impairment?

This summary is based on the article published in the Dental Clinics of North America: Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults and Oral Health Considerations. Treatment and Management (October 2014). Read more


Could Xylitol prevent adult caries? Study Results

Recognizing that cavities among adults is a continuing problem, the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research funded studies to find effective preventive measures that would supplement good oral hygiene, fluoride and regular professional care. One product that is showing promise is Xylitol. Read the post and watch the video


NCOHR Team Building Workshop: Modelling the Interaction of Multidimensional Risk Factors in Caries Disparity

In September 2014, Drs. Elham Emami and Linda Booij along with postdoctoral fellow Dr. Svetlana Tikhonova led and organized a 2-day workshop to facilitate the development of new multi- and inter-disciplinary collaborative research teams on caries and oral health disparity. Read the post

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum pairs powerful performance with impressive results. It removes significantly more plaque than Oral-B Professional Care 5000 in all areas of the mouth.* Our InterCare brush has extra-long bristles to remove up to 7x more plaque between teeth than a manual brush.**

FlexCare Platinum features an intuitive pressure sensor that gently vibrates the handle to help guide proper brushing technique. With nine total brushing experiences, the user can select from three cleaning modes and three intensity settings for a combination that suits them.

FlexCare Platinum. More innovation. Less plaque between teeth.


What's New

Providers Experiencing Long Wait Times with Express Scripts Canada

The NIHB Program has become aware that providers calling Express Scripts Canada (ESC) to get client authorization information were being subjected to unacceptably long wait times earlier last week.  This situation was the result of changes ESC has made to its Green Provider Statement Initiative on other books of business that should be completely unrelated to NIHB.  These changes had generated call volumes to ESC far greater than anticipated which began to impact on the calls to the NIHB line. Read more


Would proposed Government analgesic-prescribing changes affect your practice?

Dr. Gilles Lavigne, Dean of Dentistry at Université de Montréal and President of the Canadian Pain Society invites Canadian dentists to complete a short survey about potential government changes related to acetaminophen prescription opioid combination products. The survey is conducted in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company but is not intended for marketing purposes. The goals of the survey are to:

  • Assess the impact of discontinuing the use of analgesic combos on patient access.
  • Identify other alternatives to prescribing these combos for dentists.
  • Gauge and document the risk or benefit of losing these combinations.

The Canadian Pain Society might receive a small donation from Jansen Inc. for members who actually fill out the survey.

Read more

Take the survey


Video Presentation: How to upload your content to Oasis Discussions?

Here are a few easy steps will guide you to how you can upload your clinical question, clinical case, news item or any type of information to Oasis Discussions. Watch the video

Trends in Pediatric Dental Surgery for Severe Early Childhood Caries in Manitoba, Canada
Robert J. Schroth, Jordan L. Pang, Jeremy A. Levi, Patricia J. Martens and Marni D. Brownell

Severe caries may necessitate rehabilitative dental surgery. In Manitoba, demand for pediatric dental surgery increased from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s. These data may help in identifying regions where oral health promotion is needed. Read more…


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