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November 11, 2014   

This bulletin updates you on the 3 components of JCDA Oasis

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Oasis Discussions


Is there a benefit for the routine use of an antibacterial mouth rinse prior to dental appointments?

Drs. Gordon Schwartz and Suham Alexander provided a quick initial response to a question submitted by a general dentist. Read the post


Is octenidine hydrochloride available and/or recommended as an oral rinse agent?

Drs. Archie McNicol and Suham Alexander provided this quick initial response to a question submitted by a general dentist. Read the post


Are antibiotics needed for a patient who had a bypass surgery?

Dr. Suham Alexander provided a quick initial response to a question submitted by a general dentist. Read the post


What are patients' perceptions of benefits and risks of complete denture therapy? A study

This summary is based on the article published in the Journal of Prosthodontics: Patients' Perceptions of Benefits and Risks of Complete Denture Therapy (October 2014) Read the post


What are the biological considerations in the management of traumatic dental injuries?

This summary is based on the article published in Endodontic Topics: Biological considerations in the management of traumatic dental injuries (May 2014) Read the post


What's New

The latest issue of CDA Essentials is now availible!

CDA Essentials is the new official print publication of CDA, providing dialogue between the national association and the dental community. It is dedicated to keeping dentists informed about news, issues and clinically relevant information. Issue 6 is now available


Interview with Dr. Jason Noel about the CDA/NLDA National Convention – August 2015

In this audio interview, Dr. Jason Noel speaks about the upcoming Canadian Dental Association/Newfoundland and Labrador Dental Association National Convention that will take place in St John's in August 2015. Dr. Noel spoke about how to register for the convention as well as the Continuing Education and the social programs awaiting NLDA's guests. Listen to the interview


We request your feedback on these two light curing pictorial guides

Thank you all for taking the time to respond to our call for feedback on the first light curing pictorial guide. Dr. Richard Price and his team reviewed your feedback and revised the pictorial guide accordingly.

Dr. Price is now seeking your advice on two newer versions of the guide. Follow the link below to go to our website and indicate which version you prefer.

Dr. Price looks forward to reading any comments or suggestions you may have in order to improve this guide. You are welcome to download and use the guide in your office. Read the post


Upload your content!

You can now upload your content to Oasis Discussions. Follow the simple instructions and you can easily share your content with us and see it featured on Oasis Discussions! Click here to upload your content.


Oasis Help

Get involved with Oasis Help! We invite individuals and groups of general dentists, dental specialists, physicians and pharmacists to join our project as authors, reviewers, and content and translation advisors. Email us at oasishelp@cda-adc.ca 


Submit your questions

Visit our Oasis Discussions website to submit the most critical questions relating to your everyday practice. Or, call our toll-free line at 1-855-71-OASIS and leave us a message with your questions. We welcome a broad range of questions about diagnosis and treatment, techniques, materials, instruments, and devices or therapeutic agents. We encourage you to send us your questions as they arise.

Our goal is to have JCDA Expert panellists answer your questions as quickly as possible and share them through our various channels of knowledge translation.

You can help: Please send us the most common restorative emergency scenarios to which you need answers at oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca

If you find our posts valuable and interesting, please share this knowledge with your friends, colleagues, and professional network and spread the word about the new Oasis Help and Oasis Discussions. At the end of each post, you have the option to share this post with colleagues that are on your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and email contact networks.

Tell us how we are doing: visit our website and give us your feedback www.oasisdiscussions.ca

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