May 27, 2014  

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A new section on the CDA website highlights the long-standing relationship between CDA and the Royal Canadian Dental Corps

CDA launched a new section of its website dedicated to the Royal Canadian Dental Corps (RCDC). The section highlights the significance of the relationship that has grown over the past century between CDA and RCDC, while providing information on the centennial celebrations of May 2015 and the key milestones of the RCDC story.

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Light curing symposium at Dalhousie University – May 29th – 30th, 2014

Light curing of white resin fillings have been heavily researched by Dalhousie’s Dr. Richard Price. However, the negative impact of under curing resin fillings is not generally well known.

Dr. Price has organized a two-day symposium to take place at Dalhousie University May 29th and 30th, 2014 aimed at discussing light curing and to develop strategies to educate other practitioners about the proper use of curing lights.

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Clinical Question: How would you handle this situation?

You referred a patient to a specialist with a treatment plan that had been discussed at length with the patient and informed consent has been obtained. The patient had a consult with the specialist and returned to the clinic, or called, to let you know that the specialist has recommended a different treatment plan.

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CDA Knowledge Networks News (KNN)!

Make sure you keep up to date about important new developments in the world of dentistry. Read the latest News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks.


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Audio Series: Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)

This series of posts is based on Dr. John O’Keefe’s conversation with Dr. David MacDonald about cone beam computed tomography (CBCT).

What radiation dose does CBCT impart?
What is likely to happen once my CBCT has been installed and I am ready to scan my first patient?


Measuring fluoride performance: A longitudinal study

This summary is based on the article published in the Journal of the American Dental Association: Longitudinal outcomes of using a fluoride performance measure for adults at high risk of experiencing caries (May 2014)

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Bringing dental education to life: The “Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth” program

Dr. John O’Keefe, Director of Knowledge Networks at the Canadian Dental Association, spoke with Ms. Laura Schneider, founder of the “Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth” program.

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Are you using a licensed device?

CDA and the Dental Industry Association of Canada (DIAC) remind dentists of the importance of purchasing and using licensed devices.

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Intrusive luxation of permanent teeth: what are the important factors for treatment decision-making? A systematic review

This summary is based on the article published in Dental Traumatology: Intrusive luxation of permanent teeth: a systematic review of factors important for treatment decision‐making (June 2014)

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What are the barriers experienced by dentists when delivering oral health care to older people? A systematic literature review

This summary is based on the article published in Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology: Barriers of delivering oral health care to older people experienced by dentists: a systematic literature review (April 2014)

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How effective is antimicrobial photodynamic therapy in the treatment of oral fungal infections? A systematic review of currently available evidence

This summary is based on the article published in the Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences: Treatment of oral fungal infections using antimicrobial photodynamic therapy: a systematic review of currently available evidence (May 2014)

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Do bib clips pose a cross-contamination risk at the dental clinic?

This summary is based on the article published in the Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry: Do Bib Clips Pose a Cross-Contamination Risk at the Dental Clinic? (August 2012)

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The Importance of the Initial Comprehensive Dental Examination
Drs. Alison Sigal, Michael J. Sigal, Ernest W.N. Lam

Case report highlights that an over-reliance on new technology can cause practitioners to overlook the basics: a detailed history and thorough clinical examination.



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