Vol 65, No. 1 -Jan. 1999 

Clinical Practice

35 -

Les chirurgies Le Fort I, ostéotomie sagittale et génioplastie ainsi que leurs conséquences sur l’articulation temporo-mandibulaire
Marie-Hélène Lajoie, DMD
Jean-Yves Turcotte, DDS,CD, MRCD(C)
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42 -

Exposure or Absorption and the Crucial Question of Limits for Mercury
Derek W. Jones, PhD, FIM, C.Chem., FRSC(UK), FBSE
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49 -

Bilateral Dentigerous Cysts — Report of an Unusual Case and Review of the Literature
K. S.-C. Ko,DDS
D.G. Dover, DDS, MRCD(C)
R.C.K. Jordan, DDS, M.Sc., PhD, FRCD(C)

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40 -

The Case for a Strong Anti-Tobacco Lobby by the CDA — If Not Now, When, and If Not Us, Who?
Elizabeth MacSween, DDS
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47 -

The TMD Controversies Continue
Burton H. Goldstein, DMD, MS
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