CDA Essentials 2017 • Volume 3 • Issue 4

5 Volume 3 Issue 4 | Issues and People 27 Spotlight on Dr. Ron Markey: CDA Chair Emeritus 31 Social Media in the Words of a Millennial Dentist Supporting Your Practice 35 Management of Dental Extractions in Patients taking Warfarin as Antico agulant Treatment 40 The Power of a Plan: Focusing on Investment Goals Classifieds 42 Offices and Practices, Positions Wanted, Positions Available, Advertisers’ Index Obituaries 46 Remembering Dentistry Leaders: Dr. Arthur Schwartz CONTENTS Global Oral Cancer Forum: The Faces of Oral Cancer Page 23 Dr. Ron Markey: CDA Chair Emeritus Page 27 PDC/CDA Convention Draws Record Numbers Page 8