CDA Essentials 2017 • Volume 3 • Issue 4

• The world’s first all ceramic based direct universal restorative material – Pure Silicate Technology: Fillers and matrix are based purely on silicon oxide – No classic monomers for higher biocompatibility (no BisGMA, UDMA or TEGDMA etc.) – Nano-ORMOCER ® technology reduces shrinkage and shrinkage stress by up to 50% compared to composites and leads to outstanding shade stability • Non-sticky consistency for easy handling • Perfect balance of translucency and opacity for natural looking restorations • Easy to polish to a high shine luster • High 84% fill rate for high wear resistance • Compatible with all conventional bonding agents VOCO Canada · toll-free 1-888-658-2584 · Fax 418-847-0232 · · Call 1-888-658-2584 NANO-ORMOCER ® DIRECT RESTORATIVE THE IDEA IS NOW A REALITY VISIT ThE ADMIRA FuSION wEbpAgE AT TO REquEST yOuR FREE SAMplE! NANO ORMOCER TECHNOLOGY ADMIRA FUSION NEXT GENERATION SOLUTION 1.2% SHRIN- KAGE NANO NEW INNOVATION PRECISION EXCELLENCE VOCO ALL CERAMIC-BASED BIOCOMPATIBILITY EVOLUTIONARY PARADIGM SHIFT PURE SILICATE A NEW LEVEL OF UP TO 50% LOwER SHRINKAGE