CDA Essentials 2017 • Volume 3 • Issue 4

39 Volume 3 Issue 4 | N ews and E vents The Canadian Association of Hospital Dentists (CAHD), established in December 2014, aims to promote evidence-based oral health care, education and research in Canadian hospitals. According to Dr. Susan Sutherland, CAHD president, the new association will also advocate for improved access to care for Canadians with medical complexity and special needs who require dental care in hospital settings. “The CAHD provides Canadian dentists with a forum for discussions about enhancing clinical practice, teaching, research, administration and dental leadership in Canadian hospitals,” says Dr. Sutherland. “One of our top priorities, in collaboration with medical colleagues, is the development of a national antibiotic stewardship program for Canadian dentists. Another initiative is the coordination of a national electronic ‘match system’ for the selection of hospital- based dental residents." The inaugural CAHD Annual General Meeting was held in Vancouver in May 2015 and this year's meeting took place on May 13, 2016, in Halifax. CAHD membership is open to all Canadian dentists, dental students and residents. For more information, visit: a New Association Created FORCANADIAN HOSPITAL DENTISTS A new organization has been formed with a mandate to help shape the future of Canadian hospital dentistry. The Temporomandibular Joint Society of Canada (TMJSC) website, , lists resources where people can learn more about TMD and the experiences of people suffering from this condition. CDA spoke with Anita Frank, executive director and founder of TMJSC. “I set up the association because I have TMD and had a difficult journey in getting diagnosed and treated,” says Ms. Frank. “I wanted to help those who suffer from TMD get more educated and offer them support as they are treated.” To learn more, visit the TMJSC website or email tmjscanada@ a The Temporomandibular Joint Society OF CANADA People suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) have a new organization for obtaining information and support. To watch an interview with Anita Frank on the TMJ Society of Canada, visit 2016/01/06/tmj-2 Announcements